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Across Zanskar

Classic Darcha Lamayuru - Zanskar Traverse
Join us
June to Sep.end
15 to 31 days


djuley - Welcome to Zanskar

Zanskar at a height of between 3,500 and 7,000m. It consists of the country lying along the two main branches of the Zanskar River. The first, the Doda, has its source near the Pensi La (4,400m) mountain-pass, and then flows south-eastwards along the main valley leading towards Padum, the capital of Zanskar. The second branch is formed by two main tributaries known as Kargyak River, with its source near the Shingo La (5,091m), and Tsarap River, with its source near the Baralacha-La. These two rivers unite below the village of Purne to form the Lungnak River (also known as the Lingti or Tsarap). The Lungnak river then flows north-westwards along a narrow gorge towards Zanskar's central valley (known locally as gzhung khor), where it unites with the Doda river to form the Zanskar river.

For locals and trekkers alike, the Shingo La is technically one of the easiest 5000m passes in Indian Himalaya, involving no glacier trekking nor steep climbs. "The Shingo La, the main route into Zanskar from Lahaul, is an unpleasant pass.

The Zanskar River then takes a north-eastern course until it joins the Indus in Ladakh. High mountain ridges lie on both sides of the Doda and Lingti–kargyak valleys, which run north-west to south-east. To the south-west is the Great Himalayan Range which separates Zanskar from the Kisthwar and Chamba basins. To the north-east lies the Zanskar Range, which separates Zanskar from Ladakh. The only outlet for the whole Zanskar hydrographic system is thus the Zanskar River, which cuts the deep and narrow Zanskar Gorge through the Zanskar range. These topographical features explain why access to Zanskar is difficult from all sides.

Communication with the neighbouring Himalayan areas is maintained across mountain passes or along the Zanskar River when frozen. The easiest approach leads from Kargil through the Suru valley and over the Pensi La. It is along this track that in 1979 the first and only road in Zanskar was built to connect Padum with the main road from Srinagar into Ladakh.

One of the first Tibetologists to spend an extended period in the region was Alexander Csoma de Koros, who spent over a year living in the region in 1823. After being integrated into the newly formed state of India in 1947, Zanskar and the neighbouring region of Ladakh were both declared restricted areas and only opened to foreigners in 1974



Trekking in Zanskar & beyond - Grande Traversee du Zanskar, Zanskar Traverse

Unlike the others high passes Kang La, Poat La, Shingo La. The Umasi La also is the Southern entrance to Zanskar, situated at Great Himalayan Range in between Kishtwar


Paddar Kishtwar, Zanskar and Ladakh region. Best Season: July, Aug, Sept

Trip lenth: 22 days Delhi to Delhi, 18 days Manali to Leh. 16 days of Trek

Trek Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Highest Elevation: 5342m

 Price Start From: 
On Request

Potala Adventurers new Grande Traversee du Zanskar or Zanskar Traverse. Zanskar and Ladakh - Both regions are influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and desert-like mountain 


Zanskar and Ladakh region. Best Season: Aug, Sept, Mid Oct

Trip lenth: 29-31 days Delhi to Delhi, 25 days Leh to Leh. 23 days of Trek

Trek Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Highest Elevation: 5540m

Price Start From: 

On Request


The crossing of Zanskar is a benchmark on the scale of the great treks in the Himalayas. This legendary route crosses an amazing terrain makes gorges and high passes...

Trip length: 25 days Delhi to Delhi, 20 Days Leh to Manali, 16 days of trek

Best Season: Mud June to Mid-October,  

Trek Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Highest Elevation: 5450m Phirtse la


Price Start From: 
On Request

The complete Zanskar crossing from North to South in one of the last regions of Himalayas. Extraordinary experience, an isolated region preserved by a Tibetan culture. Harsh landscape...


Trip Length: 22 days Europe to Europe & 16 days Leh to Manali. Trekking Days: 13, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5090m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-Oct, TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 
On Request

Here is a chance for hardiest trekker, 14 to 20 kms of rough tough and wonderful views every day for 2 weeks. You and your group will be led among Western Himalayas


Trip Length: 22 days Europe to Europe. & 16 days Leh to Leh. Trekking Days: 14, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5090m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-October,TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 
On Request

Zanskar trekking is a challenging Himalayan adventure trek in an exotic land of ancient kingdoms, high mountain passes and unforgettable landscapes, villages...


Trip Length: 27 days and 21 days Leh to Leh, Trekking Days: 20, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5175m, best Season: Mid June to mid-October. TREK LEADER: Local Zanskar staff


Price Start From: 
On Request

Zanskar traverse is one of the classic trekking tours of the Himalayan region, the first day 7 hrs. Drive to Darcha (3,360 m) over Rohtang pass (3,978 m) the gateway.......


Trip Length: 23 days Europe to Europe & 18 days Leh to Leh. Trekking Days: 15, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5100m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-October, TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 
On Request

An exceptionally remote trek takes us completely off the beaten track. We trek through very remote country in the mystical kingdom of Zanskar. We gradually make our...


Trip Length: 22 days Europe to Europe & 16 days Leh to Leh. Trekking Days: 11, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5100m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-October, TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 
On Request

Between the mountains of Ladakh and Zanskar valley, this hike you will discover the most beautiful landscapes minerals but also some of the most remarkable villages...


Trip Length: 18 days Europe to Europe & 12 days Leh to Leh. Trekking Days: 8, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5271m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-October,TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 
On Request

Setting of from Manali on our 11 nights 12 days trip, we begin with fascinating drive to Rohtang La and along the Chandra River to Keylong and Jispa. We follow Bhaga River.....


Trip Length: 18 days Europe to Europe & 12 days Leh to Leh. Trekking Days: 10, Grade: Moderate to strenuous, Max. Elevation: 5100m, Best Season: Mid June to mid-October,TREK LEADER: Local staff from Zanskar

Price Start From: 

On Request

Ladakh Zanskar Trip Review

"Thanks Prem and the Potala Adventure team for organizing a fantastic trekking expedition to the summit of Stok Kangri in August this year over a 10 days period.

For our team of 3 from Australia (Ken, Scott and Michael) we encountered near perfect weather and thorough acclimatization through the Ladakh valley which resulted in a successful summit of Stok Kangri. We especially give thanks to our main guide Sherab, our climbing guide Raina, our cook and assistant, the horseman and of course 7 hardworking horses who carried all of the expedition gear and we all had a truly wonderful and exciting time trekking throughout the 10 days period.

Our main guide Sherab had excellent knowledge on all aspects of the region as well as logistics for our team and the climbing guide was also excellent in both knowledge and skill and safety aspects higher up the mountain when we needed it both. Our trek was relaxed and most often humorous and testimony to how we all got on so well as a team.

Our main cook and assistant actually knew a Nepali guide (Netra) we had on a recent trip to Nepal who was our guide on Annapurna circuit a year earlier so in an instance we had a rapport straight away with both of them and shared many jokes together.

The cook produced the most amazing meals each day with great presentation throughout the 10 day period and with such a great variety that we ate different dishes most days, in fact there was so much food that we quite often couldn't finish on some days. We started each day (on time) with warm washing water and breakfast and the routine was excellent and prepared us well for each day of trekking. Lunches were in the form of sandwiches, fruits, fruit juice and a chocolate bar or sweet on most days in a tight proof container which didn't spoil the meal - again excellent idea.

A special mention to the horseman (and his team of horses) who prepared his horses each day with no problem and we were amazed how much each morning he had to go and round up the horses who were away from the camps in surrounding valleys etc so to him a job well done.

At all times during the trek we felt safe and had excellent equipment and nothing was a problem for your team, we had a great time and everything was well planned and logistically well organized professionally throughout the trek, and because of this we have walked away with lifelong memories and friends from this trip to the summit of Stok Kangri.

Prem and team well done on a fantastic job and we would not hesitate to recommend Potala Adventures to anyone thinking of trekking in India - we had an amazing experience!! Thank you"

Mr Ken Harrison and group- BRISBANE - AUSTRALIA - 12 October 2015  

Good support on all various aspects. 4 season tent to keep me warm all night. Provide sleeping bag and thick mattress; provide rope carabiner for Umasi La glacier travel. Morning bed tea and hot water for washing. Gas stove are in good condition. Its play an important role to prepare a hot meal after a long trek. Porters are helpful for helping me to some obstacle on river crossing, glacier crossing. Folding chair, toilet paper, pass message to my family during trek where std is not available. Driver Raj is very experienced and knowledgable on the Manali - Paddar valley. To make us a safe trip. Arranged bus ticket from Delhi to Manali. I have to carry only my day bag during trek which i enjoyed. Always choose the best spot for set my tent, client came first. This is my third time of joining Potala Adventurers - achieves the objective with happy memories. I am looking forward to next adventurous holiday with Potala Adventurers in the near future. "

Mr Stanlay - SINGAPORE - 16 September 2015

Mission accomplished. The first two days of trekking we did with Tenzing Gomber. The trek was very nice and very good to acclimatize. The trek the guide and others went with the carrier for back and passed us to set up camp. In the trek there was a mountain Yalung Nong 6080m, which was very good for acclimatization and with beautiful views. The 2 chefs did a good job on the whole tour. For example, after reaching the mountain, we had prepared tea with milk that made us recover quite well. The muleteer also did a good job. We are very happy with the team, as for the hotel in Leh, phenomenal."

Mr Gregorio and Group - Spain - 24 Aug 2015

TREKKING TOUR: Lamayuru - Chilling - Zingchen - Stok Kangri

Duration: 14 Days,  Start/End: 16.7. - 29.7.2015


OVERALL we were very satisfied with the professional organization of the tour. In perticulara food was excellent* and equipment were above average. The crew was very friendly and helpful. Unexpected circumstances (weather, landslides) were managed professionaly by the guide. * (Variety of tasteful Indian and Nepali food). HIGHLIGHTS: Trek Lanaq - Chilling (wonderful landscape with wonderful stones). Trek: Last day to Stok La BC and Stok Kangri "

Mr Friedrich Holzmann, Mr Bergthaler and group - GMUNDEN - AUSTRIA - 29 July 2015

"Hi Prem, Nice hearing you.

For me, the most memorable and challenge one are Nigutse La pass, the other after Yongma La, and Phirtse La, the last pass. There are several passes in between are also nice. Ii find most spectacle is the rock formation after descend from Nigutse La, it's really amazing and impressive. Anyway it is still a very good trip, on the scenery, landscape and others.

What to say..we missed to cross some passes due to weather but we crossed others with different scene so never know, we missed something but also gain something.

Anyway, thanks so much for organizing, I want to say food and other services support during the trek are good, and almost excellent, food (quality and quantity) are good, I would put up my testimonial on the link. I hope I can join you next trek and also want to complete the unfinished trek business

Mr Stanley - Singapore 1 July - 24 July 2014


"Hi Mr Prem,

It was really a wonderful trip to Ladakh. The trekking was sometimes a bit hard because of the altitude, but the team every time very friendly and helpfully. I enjoyed the complete journey very much. Your service was perfect, the hotels in Leh wonderful. Thank you." 

Mr Wolfgang S.  Germany  27 July - 15 August 2014

"Namaste Friends

Thank you so much for organizing our outstanding journey. It works all so perfectly and the boys did such a great job and so all our wishes come true....I am sure that will be not our last trip with you.


M. Wiplinger - Austria  27 July - 15 August 2014


Dear friends! "It was a new experience and unbelievable impression for me to take trek Zanskar. So beautiful landscape and never erasable old tradition as well as well conserved heritages were shaking my heart and poor brain. 

Especially I was shocked so much by the sincere help and devotion of our trekking staffs like as guide, cook and helper. Ah – there was a good horseman never exhausted!  Again I am appreciating for the help and supports of our good trekking agency ‘’Potala Adventurers’’ as for the best service and devotion meantime. So many thanks for your efforts and favour so far!

Highly recommended. The next season we shall meet again. My successful story of Ladakh and Zanskar is due to the perfact work of Potala Adventures. Will not forget their endeavour. See you again soon! " Sincerely

" Dear Tenzin, So many thanks for your help and devotion. I will never forget your service and companionship, so at the next season I will look for you no doubt for my trekking and trip schedule to Ladakh Zanskar. And I will introduce in my community and relationship so as to recommend highly.  I will send my guide book on publishing. It may be released the next year summer season. Please wait for till than OK.  Again I’d appreciate for your support and favour together with Potala Adventurers travel agency. With my best wishes. "

" Dear Ravi Tamang, I was always happy to take your best food in my trekking term. Even in Korea return I will never forget your good service and devoted efforts for us from the first to the end. Again I appreciate for your help and the best service. I will naturally recommend you in my community. Moreover I wish you and I would do with in other trekking plan i.g. in Nepal or Uttranchal region the next year OK.

Any further comments between us, yes, let’s discuss in other route. Beside hope your handsome guys (sons) to be well either, Sonam and Roshan!  All the best" 

" Dear Indra Tamang, So many thanks for your beautiful services and favour.  I will not forget you and your help all the times. Furthermore, I hope you should grow more and more. So as to be a good cook or trekking leader like as your brother Ravi. Would you? I believe and please hurry up to make child between you family, of course you and your darling wife.  Otherwise you shall be like as I who has no child during 12 years.

Anyway just joke. But do not ignore my advice. Try and try than you shall get the fruits.

Again I am appreciating for your service and help. Hope meet again in Nepal or Uttranchal next season. " Sincerely  

" Dear Suresh, I am envying your power and energy during all the trekking period. How did you get yours? But, the most respectable past is right your help and support for our wonderful trekking.

Like as so many horses of yours. I hope you to spend nice your time and life style as possible as.

You shall be sheen and naïve (natural). I am really envying you (not joke)

Anyway, I’d appreciate again for your hand work and good service for us. Hope your heath and your family being well. " All the best

Mr Lee Kwang Jae - Seol - South Korea, 29 July – 17 August 2013


" Dear Indra, Hello, you were very kind helper and always smile to me, when I want trekking horses, you accepted it. And let me know ways. I’d like to say thank you all of that (especially thank you let me know perfila mountain way) it was very kindness. I hope see you again in this Dec. in Nepal with Ravi. I wish always you happy. " 

" Dear Ravi, I am Eun Young, You are so so nice guy and cook. All your food was amazing. I’ll never forget your smile and kindness. And I really wish see you again this Dec. at Jiri. I wish your health and happy life. See you soon. " 

" Dear guide Gombo, I spent nice time with you. You are very nice guide. You always make me happy and help me. I was so happy because of your strawberry joke. Thank you for everything.

I’ll wish your healthy life and happy. " Say good bye.

Miss Lee Eun Young, Seol - South Korea, 29 July – 17 August 2013


"Dear sir , it was a great experience to travel to ladakh. ur arrangements for our travel from delhi to manali and then to leh including trek to hamta was fantastic. Tashi and Ishi were really good . only because of them we could enjoy Arya bday. Pritam was always helpful. " regards

Shrirang B. family & A. Mainkar family - Mumbai 15th May - 6th June 2013


 “We made Markha trek with Pritam as a guide and Thile as a cook. Everything was perfectly organized. Pritam is very good, professional guide, we felt comfortable and safe all the time. Food prepared by Thile was excellent and we couldn’t believe it’s possible in high mountains. The trekking was a real pleasure for us. ”

Dorota Nejmann and Mr. Adam, WARSAW, Poland


 “I have completed the Parang la trek from Karzok to Kibber and Kanamo peak from 08 Aug. 2011 to 20 Aug. 2011 organized by Potala Adventurers, with leading Guide Umesh and assistant Guide Ravinder. They are professional, experience, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  Umesh has assisted me several times on the river crossings and willing to wait for me, as I am always walking slowly. With no complaints, and also give me support with encouragement on passing the Parang la pass (5450m) and on the Kanamo peak and give full support on during the road blocking on the Batal – Chatru. He also shared with me of his climbing experience and others about the regional history & culture to make the trip interesting.  Ravinder served as assistant guide but also acted as cook on the trek. He has done a good job on cooking includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. I like much of his fried rice and noodles, potato chips and mixed veg. He also clean up campsite area and burnoff the garbage before leaving, in support of the eco-tourism.

I also like to thank you Tenzin Ningbo to secure me the bus ticket New Del / Manali / Del and the booking on the sunshine guest house which provide me the comfortable and nice stay. As well as to Ningbo for all his support me during my stay in Manali.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you Mr. Prem Singh of Potala Adventurers to well organize of this trek, the trek is challenging and overall the trip is rewarding, especially on the Spiti valley tour. I would like to come back very soon in the near future for another trek”.  Yours

Stanley Lai, Singapore


"Potala was exceptionally response to our requests for specific itinerary concerns.  We wanted a slower than was originally planned and Potala made certain each day was perfect for our 70 years.  Potala gave us the feeling  that nothing was more important to them than the success of our trek. It was a great experience.

Team work is so important in making a trip successful. Our Guide and cook, staff and horseman all work together, each one making certain that our trek was successful. Tent went up promptly, food was delicious, horse even carried lunches some days. Our guide was very attentive to river crossings, to good monasteries and school visits and to our being happy. One staff member showed his  knowledge of Himalayan plants with us. Everyone waited for us at Shingo la that was so special".

Barbara, USA


"Potala Adventurers  was responsive to  all questions and concerns.  They were willing to take on our group of four, ranging in age from 62 to 70 years  for  the  Zanskar trek culminating in the transverse of Shingo la at 16700 feet – We enjoyed  8 wonderful  days of trekking  and 3 on the road. We are happy to recommend Potala".

Cynthia Neely, Georgetown, USA


"The Trek was excellent in all respects.  The staff work well as a team and we enjoyed interacting with them.  They dealt effectively with the fact that our ages ( 62-70 ) made us a bit slower than most groups.  Sunder the cook prepared an amazing variety of tasty food.  All equipment and arrangements worked as expected. We would definitely recommend Potala Adventurers".

Chris Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA


I’d like to thanks  our guide Pritam for the excellent trek. He is a very good guide. Always in a good mood. He was helpful in all situations. During all the trip everything was really very fine.  Thanks for him Zanskar Ladakh trekking was a real pleasure.

Dorota Nejmann - Warsaw - Poland


All service given to us clients have been to my  fill pleasance, my expectation have been fulfilled means

n  The kitchen was very good and always considering our special wishes

n  The guide organized a good team work with the staff and also made short and agreeable advise of us clients.  He has a good skill in leading people. This was showed also by a good atmosphere in the group, in the staff and also he always made good contact with people we met.

n  The routing was also very nice and the guide always knew very well where to go, where we are and how much time the hike still takes.

n  Special wishes from our side have been considered like watching the final world’s football cup. Also I got good information about nature – culture.

I would recommend Potala Adventurers to other people and look back on a impressive time.

Judith Buhler - Bern -  Switzerland


" From 16th July till 5th of August we did great Zanskar trek organise by Potala Adventures. Not only the trek was amazing, the crew cook, guide and horseman were brilliant and absolutely professional. whole  3 weeks through Zanskar was an unforgettable adventure". 
Mr. Bar Edelbacher - Austria


Dear Prem Singh and Tenzin,
" We would like to express our greatest appreciation to all the efforts made by Govinda, Chin and Prem in making all aspects of our treck and climb enjoyable and memorable.
The whole team worked very hard, even when they must have been in tired, to look after us on the treck and they catered for all our needs.
The food was of outstanding quality and was always varied, plenty full and very tasty. At all time Govinda, Chin and Prem went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable.
In Particular we would like to express our appreciation for Govinda, who is an excellent guide - polite, cheerful and enthusiastic at all time. He was great company to be with and we both feel privileged to have met him.
We would not have wished for a better treck and would thoroughly recommend Govinda, Chin and Prem to any of your future clients". Yours,
Antje and Ray Mackenzie, United Kingdom


Our experience has been truly a memorable one. The scenery has been a incredible, the interactions with other travellers most enjoyable, and the service provided by our guide, cook and pony man were exceptional. Our guide Sanjay, has been without a doubt, the most accommodating and helpful in every way; Krishan, our cook created fresh culinary masterpiece each day ( include a surprise anniversary cake ) ; and omu our pony man, was most gracious in every way. We highly recommend Potala Adventures to all world travellers.  

Kristie and Martin Agran, USA,


" We had a splendid trip in Zanskar!!  We are very thankful to Sanjay, who did a splendid job and also Tashi cooked wonderful! We hope we can come back sometimes.  Warm greeting ",

Stefan and Els.  Belgium


" At first, let's thanks you for our trek, it was a big interesting experience with really a kind people than Sanjay (always ready to help). Prem (who can made all food for you was like a magician), and Sonam ( shyest horseman in all the Himalayan mountains). They are discreet, helpful, always smiling all the things which is necessary to have good time. We really enjoyed our trip, and sure that we will keep your address for us or friends who would like to discover Ladakh. And we hope, we can come back later in this place to discover another part of Ladakh. Thanks lot, jullay .

Muriel and Stephane, France


"The team  we are perfectly satisfied of the trek and its organisation. The team was quite efficient and also very kind scrupulous and mindful of everything. We appreciate to have realised all that was planned and respected the schedule. The landscape were beautiful and we like also the visit of monasteries.   We were glad also to notice that it was possible discuss alternating possibilities for the part of the itinerary and that they were studied careful (like possibilities of making Stok-kangri ascent at Stok valley ). We had a feeling of good communication with our team and it was very pleasant.   I also congratulate also for the good quality and various cooking. So our trek was perfect  and we had a marvellous of Ladakh and Zaskar". 

Pierre and Ginette Warsztacki, Bruxelles, Belgium


"Perfect ascent of Stok Kangri in a 4 days climb from Leh. One week in the area of Leh is a perfect acclimatisation. Base and advanced base camp in surrounded by beautiful nature. The summit of the elegant 6153 meter mountain is steep but without technical difficulty. The guide knows how to let enjoy this lovely country with surprises of lovely food and friendship with I 'll never forget. This experience asks for another visit. When you saw already mountains all over the world, you must go to Ladakh and ask for this guide ! "

Paul Van Aelst, Belgium 


" Overall, the trek went very well, spectacular scenery, fascinating gompas, a look at rural life. Karma cooked excellent food throughout, even when the supplies i.e. vegetable, ran low, as we were unable to buy supplies in Padum ( due to circumstances at Kargil ). He structured the trek, to avoid very long, difficult days, assisted with river crossing and was very helpful. Vilati is an excellent and efficient pony man. He treated the animals well when unwell and particularly impressed with getting over Shingo La so early in season (May). Also to Prem for assisting up until this stage over pass and for cleaning up campsite it was very good to see this attitude to the environment 5 sacks of other begs as rubbish at Zanskar Sumdo. Tsering did an excellent job thanks also for assistance with translating throughout .

Anthony Chenhall & Luise King, Australia. 25 May -16 June


"We did the beautiful and very scenic trek from Darcha to Padum. It was not only good because of the scenery but especially of the good relationship we had with our horseman and our guide who was on the same time an excellent. We had many various dishes from India, China and local Zanskarian food. The whole trek was a big experience. Our guide gave us the possibility to get a deep look in the daily life of the Zanskarian people. We can just thank our trekking team for those wonderful days and want to recommend them highly" .

Tharas and Mike Shawk.


"Dear Sir, on our trekking tour from Darcha to Padum we had been very much satisfied with our guide Yeshi and our 2 horsemen Nawang and Valram as well. All of them helped us in every, sometimes difficult situations and made us the life on our four as comfortable as possible. All of them cared very friendly and specially helpful about our 13 years old son Babhew. So he was able to enjoy the tour in the same may we did. Thanks for everything and we can and will recommend the Potala Adventurers every time it will be necessary. Thank you very much and may be see you next time".  Yours  

Vibaus, Sonja, Babhew . Seuerua


"The Darcha Padum trek is wanderful and not too strenuous, other than Shingo La pass. Tashi was a friendly guide, keeping up good humour in the group. Very nice. They all cooked up dhal, soups, samosas etc and the hot chocolate went down a treat. Nurbu , the helper was excellent, very helpful and friendly. And the horseman too were good members of the group, horses and luggage arrived safely every evening. Thank you".  

Joel, Britain


En résumé : génial

Nous avons fait ce trek avec « Tifaine » et Carlson » , respectivement guide et cuisinier. Ils sont tous charmants, plein d’attention. Le trek n’est pas très dur pour les gens entrainés. Pour moi l’enfer (parfois). Je vous recommande donc vivement cette agence.

Gilles et Christophe


"Dear Traveller, we went on the most amazing 16 days trek from other side of Rohtang Pass. Through Lahoul and Spiti and over Parang La and pass at 18.300 ft to the lake Tso Moriri and ending up at Pang on the Manali Leh road. It was a demanding but fabulous trek which I highly recommend to anyone who wants a real adventure. Our guide Prem and cook Lobsang were excellent, they took very good care of us and were great company as well. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a well organized and exciting trek" .

Jannaca Chics, Zev, Dan and group . Canada


"At first I had no intention of using a trekking agency to backpack from Darcha to Lamayuru. 20 minutes in the Potala Adventurers office changed my mind. They are by far the friendiest agency in Manali. Our on the trail they provide more of an experience then I could have hoped for. Urgen and crew are an exceptional choice of the villagers you pass through, especially if you want a chilled pitcher of Chang at the end of the day. All in all, highly recommended. The only choice if you ask me".   

Ryan Damron, San Francisco, USA.


1."We would have no hesitation in recommending Potala Adventurers for wilderness trekking during our 22 days using them we found then to be honest, reliable and professional. I am sure anybody using their services will not leave them disappointed".   

Michel Stewart, Catherine Macdonald, Glasgow. Scotland


2." A great trek with great scenery and beautiful camp spots. We were thoroughly spoiled with excellent food, excellent camping and excellent cards games. We were all looked after by the Potala team and I hope to trek with them again one day. Wonderful".  

Catherine Macdonald. Scotland


"Done 22 day trek with Tenzin. He had unlimited strength to keep the motivation going. Especially on the high passes. We had tea / coffee brought to us in bed every morning and we got fed like kings. Also Tenzin (horse man) carried our guitar on his back for 10 days which we were very grateful. For all in all we had a very great time and hopefully I will come back and do it again".

John Mcneill. Scotland


"I was so happy to be in the same group as Thomas and Ulike and get to know Tempa their cooker. He served different kinds of food everyday and also let us taste it. I'll think he must be the best cooker in your company. He also have a very nice attitude and make everybody feel very welcome. He is a very good, warm friendly interesting man. We all would like to see again".

 Anne Baitl, Norway


"Raaj and Karma from Potala Adventurers in Manali were treating us with excellent guidance and delicious food during our 22nd day trek from Darcha to Lamayuru. The food was well prepared and the variation amazingly. We highly recommend Potala Adventurers to everyone who wants " goazmet " food and cheerful guidance during the trek". 


"Very enjoyable trek from Darcha to Padum via the Shingo La. Stunning scenery and breathtaking views of the mountains. Very well organised tour and good value for money. Excellent. Thank you. "

Daniel Black. United Kingdom


"Tashi was always very cheerful and positive during the trek and handy with the beedies when they were needed. His cooking is very tasty and filling. Norbu was a great helper always working very hard and doing his best to please everyone. He was also very friendly and bouncy. Top marks to a great helper he should go far. I don't really know anything about horses but the horseman seemed to do their jobs well, although their singing needs improvement".

Christop, Britain




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Zanskar Dream Trek




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